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‘Dr. Jane Bleassdale shares her research and provides data on the experiences of marginalized students in our Jesuit schools.  She overlays her best practices to address this issue with Jesuit principles from Documents from GS 32, 34 and 35.  Bleasdale ‘s work challenges us to put on our eyeglasses of faith and justice as we address the issue of equity in our schools…’

Barbara Henderson B ’77 Director/ Diversity & Inclusion =Bellarmine Preparatory School

Jane’s workshop on moving from Tolerance to Inclusion provides an excellent framework from which conversations about equity and inclusion among faculty, staff, administrators and students can take place. The philosophical underpinnings of her presentation can serve as keys to moving a school community forward in love. Armando Gilkes, Director of Diversity, De Smet Jesuit High School, St. Louis, MO.

How do we prevent suicide among our most vulnerable students, GLBTQ youth?  By not merely tolerating, but including and celebrating them what for what they are, as being loved by God.  How do we continue to work to create environments in our schools where our most vulnerable cannot merely survive but thrive?  If we model the behaviors we would like to see in our students, then how do we show our most vulnerable healthy models they can connect with and embrace?  Jane Bleasdale, primarily a bridge builder, opens the door to discussion.  She is successful at presenting information within a contextual framework that allows us to see and think differently.  What we do with this information –how we act in response – is up to us.  Peter A. Musso, Ed.D.,Director | School Support,Director | Alum Service Corps, Jesuits of the USA Central and Southern Province

Bleasdale.CuraPersonalis- students

The research in Jesuit high schools focuses on three areas

  • Catholic-Jesuit Mission and Identity
  • Ignatian Pedagogy
  • Ignatian formation for adults and students
  • Adult Formation Outlines

JVLA Webinar Bleasdale JVLA v2

Bleasdale Educational Research and Consulting specializes in three areas of professional growth for Catholic Educational Leadership and Administration


  • Leadership coaching and mentoring – peer mentoring
  • Creating effective faculty professional development
  • Improving student learning through classroom walkthrough observations and feedback
  • Infusing mission and identity into school culture


  • Creating strategy from chaos
  • Community engagement and buy in
  • Managing change effectively and in an inspiring way
  • Infusing mission and identity into school culture


  • Moving from tolerance to inclusion – supporting students who are marginalized students
  • Creating effective polices for LGBTQ community (faculty and students)
  • Infusing mission and identity into school culture

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