Independent (non-religious) Schools

Moving from tolerance to inclusion is a bold—yet apt—ambition of many independent schools, institutions traditionally committed to diversity educating are embracing the move from diversity to equity, from tolerance to inclusion. Equity is more than a recruitment tool; it is a commitment to providing a just education to all students.  The research conducted in independent schools examined the abilities of school leaders to build communities of inclusion to promote equity, to assess their lived commitment to ‘underrepresented ‘ students,

Using a case study model, I examined how communities of inclusion have developed, the role of the school’s leadership, and the formation experience of the faculty.  This study focuses on the experience of Black, Latino, and LGBT students in independent schools.  While some schools are much further along the journey from tolerance to inclusion, there is still an achievement gap between White students and those who are Black or Latino.  Similarly, the LGBT community remains marginalized in many independent schools.  This study recommended adult development and education for school leaders, faculty, and parents in the areas of equity and inclusion, and a renewed commitment to educating students justly

Where do we start ?With our words – why what we say matters.

Jane Bleasdale Consulting offers services in the area of adult education, strategic planning, equity and inclusion.

  • Board of Trustees
  • Faculty and Staff
  • School Leadership Teams
  • Student Leadership Teams

NJAIS – PD day – Moving From Tolerance To Inclusion in Independent Schools.


Bleasdale Educational Research and Consulting specializes in three areas of professional growth for K -12 Education


  • Leadership coaching and mentoring – peer mentoring
  • Creating effective faculty professional development
  • Improving student learning through classroom walkthrough observations and feedback
  • Infusing mission and identity into school culture


  • Creating strategy from chaos
  • Community engagement and buy in
  • Managing change effectively and in an inspiring way
  • Infusing mission and identity into school culture


  • Moving from tolerance to inclusion – supporting students who are marginalized students
  • Creating effective polices for LGBTQ community (faculty and students)
  • Infusing mission and identity into school culture

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