For the past decade many corporations have been committed to DIVERSITY, ensuring they have diverse workforce, diverse, personnel, diversity represented at every level. I propose that it is time to move beyond DIVERSITY to EQUITY, in the same way it is time to move beyond TOLERANCE to INCLUSION.

What is the difference?
DIVERSITY: defined as variety a variety of something such as opinion, color, or style (Encarta)
EQUITY: actions, treatment of others, or a general condition characterized by justice, fairness, and impartiality
TOLERANCE: the act of putting up with somebody or something irritating or otherwise unpleasant
INCLUSION: the addition of somebody or something to, or the presence of somebody or something in, a group or mixture

When a professional group is looking to fully incorporate their staff it’s dangerous to assume that everyo9ne is ready to make the change……People come to work daily with their own bias and pre judgments of others .

Bleasdale & Associates offers workplace consultation and education for companies looking to move beyond diversity to equity though conversation, professional development outreach and online education. Please contact us for more information.

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