Catholic Schools

Bleasdale Educational Research and Consulting specializes in three areas of professional growth for Catholic Educational Leadership and Administration

Campus Culture and Environment Assessment and Recommendations

This is the foundation of our work and is recommended for schools considering hiring a consultant to do work in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion

School wide review of equity and inclusion, study of school context, data and climate using interviews, focus groups, data gathering and analysis. This process follows the triangulated case study model Dr. Bleasdale used for doctoral research. Proven methodology reviewing student experience, school policy and practice.

Campus Culture and Environment Assessment 

  • Two days of on site visit. Additional two days data review off site. (data and climate review explained above) 
  • Report with findings shared with school leadership


Professional development for Catholic schools on cultural competency through cultural humility.

• Moving from tolerance to inclusion – supporting students who are marginalized in Catholic schools.

• Creating effective polices for LGBTQ community (faculty and students)

  • Supporting Students who are Transgender/Non Binary in Catholic Schools
  • Supporting LGBTQIA faculty in Catholic Schools – Do we really have to fire them? Understanding the ministerial exception

• Infusing mission and identity into school culture



• Leadership coaching and mentoring – peer mentoring

• Creating effective faculty professional development

• Improving student learning through classroom walkthrough observations and feedback

• Infusing mission and identity into school culture


• Creating strategy from chaos

• Community engagement and buy in

• Managing change effectively and in an inspiring way

• Infusing mission and identity into school culture


Catholic Education has at the heart of it’s mission  the Gospel message of love and community – AGAPE The focus of the research for Catholic Schools reflects three main areas.

  • Catholic Mission and Identity
  • Catholic Church Teaching
  • Best Practices in Catholic Education



Transgender Flag Sticker | Outloud

Supporting Students who Identify as Transgender /Non Binary in Catholic Schools 

A trans positive, student focused workshop on mental health and school cultures that support inclusive practices.The workshop will be conducted from the assumption participants have some understanding of basic trangendender and non binary language (i.e. we are not doing Trans 101).Participants of all levels of experience are welcome – but please read the document attached ahead of time  Schools In Transition A Guide for Supporting Transgender Students in K-12 Schools. The goal of this workshop is to understand how and why we should apply this framework in Catholic schools and what to do if we can’t.

For whom: anyone involved in Catholic education who wants to learn how to support students who are trans/non binary in Catholic PK – 12 schools.

When: Thursday July 1, 2 – 5 pm

Where: On zoom ( link to be sent) 

Participation by registration only 

Workshop Facilitators

Dr.Jane E. Bleasdale 

Dr. Bleasdale is assistant professor  and director for the Catholic Educational Leadership program at the University of San Francisco, Dr.Bleasdale has lived and worked in three different countries in both Catholic and public schools serving as a  classroom teacher and high school administrator . Dr.Bleasdale’s work focuses  on preparing educators to lead  communities of equity and inclusion rooted in social justice and the common good. 

Dr. Daniela Dominguez 

Dr. Daniela Dominguez is a licensed psychologist who teaches at the University of San Francisco’s Counseling Psychology Department. She works in the areas of anti-racism, migrant justice, and Queer matters. Her program of research has focused on migrants and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). She is Mexican and bilingual.

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