The New Normal – Let’s Not Skate Around It.

The New Norm – Let’s Not Skate Around It. For at least a decade we have heard about the ‘breakdown’ of the family. Politicians, religious leaders, educators have lamented the loss of the ‘normal ‘ family grouping. Allegedly 50% of marriages end in divorce; single parenting is on the rise as is international and domesticContinue reading “The New Normal – Let’s Not Skate Around It.”

Parents are our First Educators.

Me and my Mum at my graduation from Fordham – I am pretty sure I learned as much from my Mum, about education and parenting. as I did when getting a Ph.D.  Parents are children’s first educator’s – I have  added a page for parent resources and was really excited yesterday when talking to aContinue reading “Parents are our First Educators.”

Favorite Resources, commutes and difficult questions !

NPR ( National Public Radio) is one of my favorite resources for news, current events and commutes ! Although sometimes it can leave you stunned, despairing and speechless ( even me) – It is a great resources for educators and parents. My NPR listening has been stunted this past few weeks on my commute –Continue reading “Favorite Resources, commutes and difficult questions !”

Talking to students about race – A difficult balance

It is 20 something years since I began to teach – I usually roll my eyes when people begin sentences with statements like that, but bear with me. For 20 plus years I taught subjects that involve conversations about race – badly. Social justice, personal and social ethics, Christian ethics, morality, English literature, West IndianContinue reading “Talking to students about race – A difficult balance”

Changing the way we speak

Being mindful of our language is so important as educators and parents – I recently presented my research to a group of 30 + professionals and am embarrassed to admit I used the word ‘minorities’. As I said the word, I also recognized that it was not a good way of describing the ‘marginalized’ inContinue reading “Changing the way we speak”