ReZoning Public Schools: A neighbors guide to (civil) discourse

This is a preliminary attempt at a parent/neighbors guide to positively supporting the rezoning of SOMSD – how to talk to those who are reluctant to change. I welcome your feedback ! June 17, 2018 Dear Allies and Concerned Community Members, I am a parent, and educator and an educational researcher . I have followed … More ReZoning Public Schools: A neighbors guide to (civil) discourse


  This Spring I am traveling to Cambodia with a team from the University of San Francisco-School of Education. I am taking my son Justin ( hence J²) Follow us here for daily updates Twitter: @janeyb70 .Saturday/Sunday/Monday TRAVEL We flew to Tokyo/Japan from San Francisco.The flight took fourteen hours. Then we flew to Bangkok/Thailand which took … More J² CAMBODIA 2018

White Privilege – Understanding and Dismantling

White Privilege – Understanding and Dismantling   Over 20 Years ago Peggy McIntosh (among others) coined the phrase ‘white privilege’ in her brilliant paper Unpacking the Cultural Knapsack https   Since then, and in no small part because of the presidential election ‘white privilege, white fragility and white tears’ have become part of our … More White Privilege – Understanding and Dismantling