New Book : Social Conscience and Responsibility: Teaching the Common Good in Secondary Education . Excited to share the news about our textbook project Social Conscience and Responsibility: Teaching the Common Good in Secondary Education .Grateful to my co editor Julie Sullivan. so proud of all the University of San Francisco School of Education (Official) students and alum who contributed. – Available for pre order . To beContinue reading “New Book : Social Conscience and Responsibility: Teaching the Common Good in Secondary Education .”

School Security and Safety. Misguided Vigilance

With the increased fear of school shootings we have seen an increase in school safety drills. There is a lot of debate about the need for and effectiveness of such drills . However, we do know that learning and development is being disrupted on an almost daily basis by them …. Here is a recentContinue reading “School Security and Safety. Misguided Vigilance”

Board of Education Elections 2019

 S.O.M.S.D. 2019 BOE CANDIDATES REPORT CARD STATEMENT 10/24/2019 The folks who run Soma Justice and PARES are all moms living in South Orange and Maplewood. We volunteer our time working to transform our towns into more equitable, integrated, and supportive communities. The BOE scorecard is just one thing we do in partnership with PARES. ForContinue reading “Board of Education Elections 2019”


      BOE CANDIDATES SCORECARD   SOMA Justice: Addressing Race and Inequality and P.A.R.E.S (Parents in Partnership with Respect and Equity in SOMA School)  provided 5 questions to each candidate on addressing the issues of inequity and safety in our district (particularly in regards to vulnerable populations, i.e., POC, queer, special needs, immigrant, second-languageContinue reading “BOE- SOMSD REPORT CARD”


Letter to the candidates: October 3,,2018 Dear Candidate, I am writing on behalf of the local grassroots group “SOMA JUSTICE”, in collaboration with Parents in Partnership for Respect and Equity (P.A.R.E.S). Last year we began this process of gathering written responses to questions focused on equity and inclusion. Identifiers were removed from the candidates responsesContinue reading “SOMSD BOE ELECTIONS -REPORT CARD PROJECT 2018”

ReZoning Public Schools: A neighbors guide to (civil) discourse

This is a preliminary attempt at a parent/neighbors guide to positively supporting the rezoning of SOMSD – how to talk to those who are reluctant to change. I welcome your feedback ! June 17, 2018 Dear Allies and Concerned Community Members, I am a parent, and educator and an educational researcher . I have followedContinue reading “ReZoning Public Schools: A neighbors guide to (civil) discourse”


  This Spring I am traveling to Cambodia with a team from the University of San Francisco-School of Education. I am taking my son Justin ( hence J²) Follow us here for daily updates Twitter: @janeyb70 .Saturday/Sunday/Monday TRAVEL We flew to Tokyo/Japan from San Francisco.The flight took fourteen hours. Then we flew to Bangkok/Thailand which tookContinue reading “J² CAMBODIA 2018”