Who are we ? What do we do ?

Dr. Jane Bleasdale  – founder and director of this small but dynamic team of educational practitioners  committed to creating communities  of inclusion.

Strategic Planning and Organizational Change – Creating Communities  of Inclusion : Governance, Administration faculty, parent , community engagement  professional development provider.



Dr.Bleasdale is an experienced passionate and dedicated educator, She has taught in three different countries in public, private, parochial and  independent schools. Her most current position is an administrator working with faculty in the areas of professional development and best practices.

Dr.Bleasdale’s research focuses on equity and inclusion in high schools in the USA.

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Inclusion Educators on our staff

 Mr. Nyugen Smith- Student Engagement. Workshops and Presentations



Drawing heavily on his West Indian heritage, Nyugen is committed to raising the consciousness of past and present political struggles through his practice which consists of sculpture, installation, video and performance. He is influenced by the conflation of African cultural practices and the residue of European colonial rule in the region. Responding to the legacy of this particular environment, Nyugen’s work considers imperialist practices of oppression, violence and ideological misnomers. While exposing audiences to concealed narratives that distort reality, he destabilizes constructed frameworks from which this conversation is often held.

 Ms Yetunde Daniels Rubinstein – Equity and Inclusion K – 12 Engagement .  Supporting Student Advocates

Yetunde Daniels Rubinstein

Yetunde Daniels Rubinstein is an intuitive and passionate educational leader. Ms. Rubinstein values the importance of providing a safe space in which student voices are heard, respected and valued. To that end, Ms. Rubinstein works tirelessly to empower young people to develop themselves fully, so that they may advocate for a better life and world, and in doing so, represent the best humanity has to offer. Ms. Rubinstein believes that everyone possesses the potential for positive change, expressed in myriad ways, which is our world’s greatest treasure.
. Ms.Belkise Dallam –Creating Communities of Inclusion – working with diverse student populations.

Belkise Dallam is an educator who strongly believes that the exposure of different cultures and traditions in the lives of students will help them to see life from a different lens. She has been working with youth of different identities since she herself was just 14 years old. Growing up in the Bronx, and being multiracial Belkise had the opportunity to engage in relationships with people of many  faiths and backgrounds and that is something that she uses when working with youth. She has worked in her hometown of the Bronx and in East Harlem where she created different events for students to celebrate their diversity through song, dance, spoken word and various workshops.


Ms.Boreta Singleton -Catholic Mission and Identity – Adult Formation

Image result for boreta singleton

Boreta Singleton, a native of Philadelphia PA,  has been an educator for over thirty years.  She has taught primarily in  middle and high schools. She was director of the Office for Black Catholics for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for four years. In this position, she was the promoter of programs for Black Catholics, an advocate and facilitator for parishioners with clergy and parish staffs. and assisted with the resettlement of five unaccompanied minors from the Sudan.      In 2002,  Boreta  moved to New York City to be  an administrator  at St. Aloysius School in Harlem, and is  now a  Religion Teacher, Department Chair and Campus Minister at St. Peter’s Prep in New Jersey.  She has developed, with a colleague in the English Department, a Senior elective course entitled “The African American Faith and Literature Experience.” Boreta will co-facilitate a meeting of the coordinators of the Anti-Racism Project for the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas in November, 2016.


 Ms.Maura Toomb -Catholic Mission and Identity Student Formation 



Maura Toomb is the Associate Provincial’s Assistant for Secondary Education for the Northeast Province of the Society of Jesus. She acts a liaison between the Jesuit provincial and the Jesuit secondary and pre-secondary schools on the East Coast. Previous to that, she spent seven years working in Campus Ministry at Saint Peter’s Preparatory School, an all-boys Jesuit high school in Jersey City, NJ. She has a bachelors degree in theology and psychology from Loyola University in Maryland and a masters degree in Religious Education from Fordham University. She is passionate about working with schools to live an inclusive, Catholic mission.

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