Bleasdale Educational Research and Consulting

Committed to Creating and Supporting Communities of Equity and Inclusion.

Locally. Nationally. Globally

Dr.Bleasdale grew up in England, the youngest of four girls , with a younger brother. Her parents were both educators and from an early age Jane knew teaching was her calling and her passion. Dr. Bleasdale has taught in the UK, The Bahamas and The US. She has travelled extensively and worked with schools creating and supporting inclusive communities locally , nationally and globally.

Dr.Bleasdale’s research will be forthcoming in the Journal of Educational Human Resources : Moving From Tolerance To Inclusion Through Critical Collaboration

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Published by Jane Bleasdale PhD

Jane.Bleasdale, PhD is Assistant Professor and Department Chair of Leadership Studies in the School of Education at the University of San Francisco (USF). Dr.Bleasdale has lived and taught in the United Kingdom, The Bahamas and the United States, Her career as an educator now spans three decades. Dr. Bleasdale previously served as a high school administrator focusing on equity and inclusion through personnel and student development Her doctoral research focused on equity and inclusion in high schools and specifically the experience of Black, Latino and LGBTQ students. She has recently conducted research on social and emotional wellness of students, the impact of school leaders on creating inclusive communities and critical feminist perspectives on leadership.Current research focuses on the experience and impact of women leaders with intersectional identities. Dr.Bleasdale is the principal investigator on a participatory action research project at USF collaborating with 10 doctoral students on a new paradigm for equitable leadership focused on critical feminst perspectives.

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