SOMSD Board of Education Elections 2020

SOMA Justice and P.A.R.E.S. Scorecard .


For competitive seats in the BOE race:

Susan Bergin – participated evaluation pending

Deborah Engel – participated evaluation pending

Melanie Finnern -declined invitation

Elissa Malespina – declined invitation

Courtney Winkfield -participated evaluation pending

New this year – participant videos to be posted with the scorecard

Running unopposed for one year term.

Kamal Zubieta – no response to invitation.

Scorecard will be posted here ASAP !

Scorecard Launched for 2020

We are excited to launch our scorecard project for the 4th year in a row!

All candidates have been invited to participate. Answers due September 24. Check back here for regular updates.


Questions are reviewed updated annually with input from members of the two groups.

SOMAJustice/P.A.R.E.S. Questions SOMSD Candidates BOE 2020


  • Each candidate is  invited to submit answers to the questions
  • Candidates running on the same ticket must each submit their own answers.
  • Due to a tight deadline for researcher review and data analysis , late submissions can not be accepted. Candidates have until midnight on September 24, 2020. 
  • Please submit you ara answers in an MS word or google document
  1. . Do you believe integration changes proposed by Dr. Taylor in school year 2019-2020 and the district’s access and equity policy go far enough in addressing the issues of inequity in our district (particularly in regards to vulnerable populations, i.e., POC, queer, special needs, immigrant, second-language learners, etc)?  Yes or No Please clarify your answer.
  1.  This current integration plan relies heavily on professional development, but research shows that this is not an effective way to reduce bias. Do you have other specific ideas about what other forms of data the district could collect or actions it could implement to address the educational disparities in regards to Black students? Yes or No

Please clarify your answer (in addressing both segregation and the racial achievement gap)

  1. Realistic active shooter and lockdown drills are used nationwide with little to no evidence of efficacy in a real emergency. Are you open to implementing research-based policy on school security drills (within the state law), including replacing physical reenactments of active shooter drills with tabletop exercises (in which teachers explain and review emergency protocols in a lesson or game)?  Yes or No

Please clarify your answer.

  1. Do you think that the current policies in place for the SOMSD address the racially disproportionate discipline of students in regards to suspensions and expulsions, and the disproportionate number of students of color placed in special education? Yes or No

Please clarify your answer.

  1. Do you think that there should be more accountability in ensuring that educators in our district do not discriminate against students of color in the classroom in regards to curriculum, materials, or discipline? Yes or No

Please clarify your answer.

  1. Do you think the district should specifically address the social and educational disparities that result from the COVID crisis for those students who don’t have access to resources at home? Yes or No. 

Please clarify your answer. (If possible, be sure to specifically include mention of students with special needs in your response ) 

  1. Do you support the placement of School Resource Officers (police officers assigned to and stationed) in SOMSD schools.Yes or No

Please clarify your answer.

  1. Are you open to the creation of a small, special/private fund that will ensure that all students get access to the same lunch and forgiveness for small fees that hamper the receipt of a high school diploma?Yes or No

Please clarify your answer.

  1. Given that swimming and pool access has been eliminated as a part of the high school curriculum, do you think that the district should work to ensure access to swim education for all students in the district, especially those who do not have access to these lessons outside of school? Yes or No.  

Please clarify your answer.

  1. What are your two top priorities if elected ?
  1. If you are an incumbent please explain how you have worked to address race and inequality in SOMSD during your previous tenure.

Published by Jane Bleasdale PhD

An experienced educator Jane has taught in three different countries in both public and private schools. Jane is currently an assistant professor at the University of San Francisco in the School of Education but travels all over the country as an educational researcher and consultant. Jane earned her Ph.D from Fordham University in Educational Leadership and Policy , the focus of her research was equity and inclusion in high schools.

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