Re Connecting in this Moment

This past week I experienced the pain of not being with my daughter on her birthday due to the virus- it was a really difficult moment for me and my family. So we could see each other and connect with the family I invited friends, family and framily ( friends who are as close as family) to join a zoom video conference call to sing Happy Birthday – there were about 20 people on the call. The oldest was nearly 80 and the youngest was 8 weeks old – we were in 3 different continents and 5 time zones. This was something we could have done before this – but we did it because of the social distancing- it was a moment of such joy. We laughed and cried in the space of ten minutes. You couldn’t really hear everyone – we could all be seen, It was a moment of living life fully – and it brought her such joy. I share this with you because this is a moment when we can connect and reconnect with each other,
I don’t share this to diminish the loss and pain we are feeling – especially those who have lost loved ones, or are suffering from the virus – but as adrienne maree brown says – this is a time to feel fully what we feel. ‘You have to be connected, you need each other, we need boundaries, we have too many fences and borders and walls but not boundaries.Boundaries are really important because they make way for our joy and our yes.’ adrienne maree brown – author of Emergent Strategy continues to inspire and challenge us to be joyful activists – I listen to her podcast this week and share it with you as a way to kindle hope and joy

Published by Jane Bleasdale PhD

An experienced educator Jane has taught in three different countries in both public and private schools. Jane is currently an assistant professor at the University of San Francisco in the School of Education but travels all over the country as an educational researcher and consultant. Jane earned her Ph.D from Fordham University in Educational Leadership and Policy , the focus of her research was equity and inclusion in high schools.

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