School Security and Safety. Misguided Vigilance

With the increased fear of school shootings we have seen an increase in school safety drills. There is a lot of debate about the need for and effectiveness of such drills . However, we do know that learning and development is being disrupted on an almost daily basis by them …. Here is a recentContinue reading “School Security and Safety. Misguided Vigilance”

Board of Education Elections 2019

 S.O.M.S.D. 2019 BOE CANDIDATES REPORT CARD STATEMENT 10/24/2019 The folks who run Soma Justice and PARES are all moms living in South Orange and Maplewood. We volunteer our time working to transform our towns into more equitable, integrated, and supportive communities. The BOE scorecard is just one thing we do in partnership with PARES. ForContinue reading “Board of Education Elections 2019”