Why Inclusion ?

This morning Ava Duvanay was interviewed on CBS – she was there to talk about her phenomenal work as a film maker. Ava was the first female director who is Black to be nominated for an Oscar for her film ‘SELMA’ – This weekend her latest movie ’13th’ about the 13th amendment and mass incarceration of Black males in the USA debuts at the NYC film festival.


ava-duvernay-1In her interview Ava describes brilliantly why inclusion is such an important word and  aspect of her work. ‘Inclusion is the opposite to exclusion’ – and we all know what that feels like Ava explained.( click on the link below for the full interview)


Inclusion not diversity


Shout out to my Mum who watched this and emailed me at 8 am to let me know that my work is being endorsed. Thanks Mum !…#inclusionnottolernce



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