National Adoption Day #inclusionnottolerance

Yup, those are my kids and I am talking about them again, and spreading my personal agenda. This time it’s adoption. Yesterday was National Adoption Day ,admittedly we have too many ‘days’ and soon if it has not happened already there will be a national day for cupcakes, or Tupperware or even better we willContinue reading “National Adoption Day #inclusionnottolerance”

Equity not Diversity

For the past decade many schools have been committed to DIVERSITY, ensuring they have  a diverse student body , diverse, personnel, diversity represented at every level. I propose that it is time to move beyond DIVERSITY to EQUITY, in the same way it is time to move beyond TOLERANCE to INCLUSION. What is the difference?Continue reading “Equity not Diversity”

We need to share our experiences more…

Last week when presenting  my research to collagues I was reminded of the importance of this work. I heard from a panel of diverse voices, people of color and members of the LGBTQ community. Each recounted times when they felt ‘on the outside’ of society, of school of their community. Some found the trip downContinue reading “We need to share our experiences more…”