Changing the way we speak

IMG_1453Being mindful of our language is so important as educators and parents – I recently presented my research to a group of 30 + professionals and am embarrassed to admit I used the word ‘minorities’. As I said the word, I also recognized that it was not a good way of describing the ‘marginalized’ in our society – but I’m not comfortable with ‘marginalized’ either. One of the participants, a colleague and friend I have known for some years corrected me immediately – ‘under represented’ . Thank you David. I promise never to use the word again, and have replaced  the ‘ m word’ with ‘under represented’ in all my work .

It’s great to be a presenter and national conferences, it’s even greater to learn from those participating.

noun, mi·nor·i·ty often attributive \mə-ˈnr-ə-tē, mī-, –ˈnär-\

: a number or amount that is less than half of a total

: the group that is the smaller part of a larger group

: a group of people who are different from the larger group in a country, area, etc., in some way (such as race or religion)

“Minority.” Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 7 July 2015. <;.

adjective un·der·rep·re·sent·ed \-ˌre-pri-ˈzen-təd\

: inadequately represented

“Underrepresented.” Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 7 July 2015. <;.

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Published by Jane Bleasdale PhD

An experienced educator Jane has taught in three different countries in both public and private schools. Jane is currently an assistant professor at the University of San Francisco in the School of Education but travels all over the country as an educational researcher and consultant. Jane earned her Ph.D from Fordham University in Educational Leadership and Policy , the focus of her research was equity and inclusion in high schools.

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